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Apple May Allow Publishers to Use Their Own Ad Serving Tech on Apple News

Jul 05,2017

Apple may soon allow publishers to use their own technology to serve ads on Apple News, reports Ad Age. Publishers have long complained that while Apple News has an audience it does little to contribute to their revenue.

Currently, publishers can set up ad campaigns to run in Apple News articles; however, it requires a lot of additional effort.

To fix that and keep media partners happy, Apple plans to allow publishers to use the ad tech they already employ on their sites, such as Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers, to deliver ads into Apple News. That would potentially let media partners make as much money from views in Apple News as they do on their own sites, without as much additional effort as the current approach.

“There’s a ton of scale there but no dollars,” a publishing partner told Ad Age. “So Apple has to do something soon or publishers will pull out.”

Additionally, it’s reported that Apple may enable micropayments, letting users access articles for cents at a time.

The rumored changes are still months away. “The bigger thing is they’ve now seen the light,” said atop publishing exec. “Apple is acknowledging it can’t force its ad technology into the marketplace and it makes more sense to allow standard ad serving.”

Notably, Apple News has reached about 47 million monthly users, according to ComScore and is now the 15th most popular app in the U.S.



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