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iOS 11 ARKit demo showcases real world navigation and Maps POI

Jul 21,2017

Less than two months after the announcement of ARKit with iOS 11 and we’ve seen a plethora of great uses of the tech from developers. From gaming to creative, humorous to utility, there are a lot of use cases. The latest useful example of ARKit shows off how informational augmented reality can improve navigation and Maps.

While Apple is still months away from introducing its AR features to users worldwide, there are already high expectations for ARKit. With no need for additional hardware, a massive installed user base, and developers cranking out new uses everyday, it’s likely Apple’s platform will become the most popular way to experience augmented reality — even Ben at 9to5Google has been talking about this. Additionally, analysts are expecting consumers to begin adopting the new tech more rapidly, with 100M AR/VR headsets sold by 2021.

iOS developer Andrew Hart today shared a new video on Twitter showcasing some of his work with ARKit and CoreLocation. The video shows footage of how useful navigation while walking can be with AR, complete with bold arrows and lines to follow.



Source: 9To5mac

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