ABC Computer Distribution Ltd.


ABC Computer Distribution Ltd.



Our company mission is to provide your business with a custom-tailored service to ensure that you get the right products for your needs and also to provide expert consultation and support that are both personable and professional.


Do you know where to source all of your organization’s needs in the technology world? Are you currently placing order after order with multiple companies, just to get the supplies you need? ABC Computer gives you the ability to easily obtain the products and services you need, when you need them. It does not matter whether it is large scale hardware and software upgrades or your regular avenue of obtaining components, and everyday supplies.


We offer a comprehensive solution that includes a product selection that showcases top, industry-leading products, full acquisition planning and support, e-commerce and corporate account services, and as always, competitive pricing for all of our products and services.



Are you and your business in need of our services and products but you are unsure that your budget will be able to cover the expenses related to IT Solutions like ours? ABC Computer has financing options that allow you to maintain a flexible IT budget. Our Financial Services offer complete leasing options to cater to both operating and capital lease structures. While leasing allows you to effectively maximize your working capital and cash flow, it also allows you to improve the performance of your technology infrastructure by allowing you the flexibility of changing and upgrading to more current, higher performance equipment with less cost involved.



ABC Computer is an authorized supplier and distributor of the leading brands of hardware manufacturers and software developers from around the world. Providing our customers, the absolute best selection of the best products on the market today is a priority of ours as we understand that you, as the customer, are the source of our success. We give you the ability to access one of the largest inventories of IT products and solutions in Canada which is partnered with flexible and effective Acquisition faculties. This includes secure online, e-commerce access to work with your purchasing needs.

With ABC Computer your Product Sourcing is guaranteed to be met with:

A High Quality and extensive product selection.

Advice and support from our Specialists

Industry Leading Competitive Pricing

On-time deliveries, when and where you need them.

Account Services Online that includes buying authorizations, standardized hardware and software packages as well as 24/7 ordering capabilities.


ABC Computer will help keep your Licensing current and legal. Operating a business or organization is a complex task in terms of compliance and following legal boundaries with your software and IT assets.

Are you confident that your current business operations in your IT environment are meeting industry and legal standards? Keeping your software assets well-managed and organized can be extremely confusing and time consuming and can prove to be a daunting task. If your software licensing is not in compliance with the vendor’s copyright laws and restrictions, it has the ability to cause you a great deal of stress and can have serious financial and legal punishments involved. ABC Computer streamlines your compliance processes and assists you in keeping your licenses current with consolidated acquisition and licensing programs that will give you the ability to save time, energy, and money through the life of your software assets. We break our Software Licensing Services down to three main categories of support and service:

Acquisition: To minimize the cost and ensure that you get the best value on your software investments, our consultants will evaluate your current environment, recommend the best fit products, and draft the correct software contracts while considering the areas of product use rights, consolidation of existing licensing programs, volume rebates, and much more.

Software Compliance: By using and implementing such strategies as compliance audits, migrations, rights of use, evaluations and continual monitoring of licensing renewals, we can minimize risks of legal liability and help you in redeployment of unused software.

Inventory Maintenance: We can assist you in continually maintaining your software inventory in all areas such as reallocating unused software and the coordination of program registration and renewals.


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